Haleh Eghrari, Ph.D.

Individual, Couples and Family Psychotherapy

Support for Emotional Health and Personal Growth

Specialist in Immigration and Acculturation Issues


INDIVIDUALS: You sometimes feel lost, confused, lonely and overwhelmed. You may react to your experiences in unhealthy ways. This can leave you feeling depressed and anxious. You may turn to addictions or self-destructive behavior to try to feel better. I can help you find healthier ways of dealing with these experiences.

RELATIONSHIPS: Conflicts may arise in the various types of relationships you have in your life. You may experience tension with your spouse, partners, parents, children, friends and co-workers. I can work with you to improve your communication skills and develop healthier connections with the people who matter to you.

IMMIGRATION & ADAPTATION: If you’ve immigrated to the United States, you may face difficulties understanding and adapting to new ways of living and a new set of cultural values. Drawing from my multi-cultural experience, I can help you adapt to the changes and manage the cultural conflicts.